If you've read about my skincare story, you know that I used a ton of harsh chemicals on my skin when I was younger in my effort to clear it up. I wanted to use makeup, but wasn't quite sure how to differentiate between all of the ingredients with crazy-sounding names. My dad, a chemist, always joked that he could make me the same things in his lab.

That was probably a good indicator that it wasn't great for me, but I continued anyway.

My mom taught me how to take care of my skin and put natural ingredients on it, but it wasn't until I began following a Paleo lifestyle and learning more about natural products that I really began to make the switch.

There are a ton of different labels. Non-toxic, natural, organic, green, dermatologist-approved... the list goes on and on. It's similar to the food industry.

A lot of it's all marketing. There is some overlap, but overall what matters most to me is transparency.

That's why I've joined as a Beautycounter consultant — to help people find better beauty (and skincare, home, and body) products that you know you can trust.

To be perfectly honest, I was very skeptical at first. I love trying new products (you won't believe how much time and money I've spent at Sephora in my high school days, and now Follain or online), but with such sensitive skin, I'm hesitant to put anything on my skin.

Someone sent me a sample of the charcoal bar and it was magical. I've tried a multitude of different Beautycounter products, and all in all, I actually prefer non-Beautycounter products for my skin, but for makeup, Beautycounter my go-to trustworthy source.

Have fun with your products. Explore. Do your research. Experiment. But overall, my philosophy is to invest in products you believe in and love. A little goes a long way, and it'll give you a skincare routine that you'll absolutely love doing (mine is so therapeautic!).

Keep reading for all my favorite "safer" products! (I like to call it "safer" products because they don't contain PEGs, sulfates, parabens, etc.)






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