the Naked eyeshadow palette dupe that works just as well (if not better)

RIP Naked palette.

Yes, you heard right. As of August 23, 2018, Urban Decay's iconic Naked palette has been discontinued. They held an actual funeral for it in LA — no joke. Eyeshadow is serious stuff.

I remember being a teenager, watching my older cousin artfully apply romantic shades to her eyelids. The palette was so versatile, and the colors were subtly shimmery and straight up beautiful.

I'm sure many other girls feel the same. Those classic tones never go out of style — and for good reason. They're great for most skin tones and come in a wide range of shimmery and matte.

(I never bought one myself though, partly because I sucked at eyeshadow and partly because I have super sensitive and oily eyelids — more on that later — though I did buy a set for my little sister!)

 Urban Decay Naked Palette, $54

Urban Decay Naked Palette, $54

But guess what? I've found a dupe from my favorite safe makeup brand, Beautycounter. At Christina's Wellness Realness Retreat, I saw her apply it in person to one of the girls, and the colors are GORG in person. Check it out below (click here for more deets):

If you have cooler undertones (blue/green rather than pink/red) to your skin (aka if silver jewelry looks much better on you than gold), the Romantic palette would be perfect. Or you can get both (since they're cheaper than the Urban Decay ones were) and have even more colors in your arsenal! Check it out below (more details here):

Beautycounter Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Romantic, $50

One big reason why I switched to Beautycounter (and away from conventional makeup) was the ingredient lists. Makeup was the last part of my regimen I switched over (or did a "cleanout" of), because 1) I don't wear it everyday and 2) I honestly forgot that it went on my skin.

I always was careful about foundation, since I'm prone to breakouts, but I tended to shy away from eyeshadow because it always irritated my skin. Now, with the Beautycounter eyeshadow, I can play with colors again (well, "colors" as in they're still neutral because I'm a natural-makeup-look kind of gal!).

Take a look at this ingredient list:

It's important to note that Beautycounter is not "all organic" or "all natural;" a lot of times those words don't actually mean a lot (it's like "green-washing" that a lot of brands do). But it is completely transparent and safe; you can read more about their ingredient selection process here.

I'll be adding swatches to this post later, so stay tuned!

Well, what do you think? Will you be trying out these eyeshadows? Are you already mourning the loss of the Naked palette? Are you even an eyeshadow person? Let me know below!