how to make any drink "bulletproof"

I first hopped on the bulletproof coffee train over a year ago, and have not turned back since. However, after a bout with adrenal fatigue, I cut down on the amount of coffee I drank — I try to limit it to one cup or less each day.

Since then, I've gotten into bulletproof matcha; basically, I use the same superfoods as I do in my bulletproof coffee, along with quality fat and quality collagen to get a frothy, creamy, satisfying drink. This technique can be used for a variety of drinks, from bulletproof hot chocolate to bulletproof golden milk, and even bulletproof Earl Grey.

The world is your oyster!

Bulletproof Matcha (Or Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate + Golden Milk)

Bulletproof Matcha


serves: 1 | time: 2 minutes | Paleo, vegan-option

*These are the adaptogens I like using; you can take these out completely or swap with whatever you have on hand.


  1. In a blender, combine all dry ingredients.
  2. Add hot water.
  3. Add MCT oil and vanilla extract.
  4. Blend on high for about 15-20 seconds. (Major key — it makes it so frothy!)
  5. Pour into a mug & enjoy!

For holiday spice matcha, add cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper.
For iced matcha, combine all ingredients with 2 oz of hot water and blend. Then add 14 oz of cold water and blend again. Pour over ice.

Bulletproof Earl Grey

More Versions

For bulletproof coffee, swap out the matcha + hot water for 16 oz of brewed coffee instead.

For bulletproof tea (I love Earl Grey), swap out the matcha + hot water for 14 oz of steeped hot tea + a splash of unsweetened almond milk. Steep the tea extra long!

For bulletproof hot chocolate, swap out the matcha + hot water for a low-sugar hot chocolate blend or 1 tbsp cacao powder, sprinkle of cinnamon + 1 tbsp of honey. Add 1:1 ratio of hot water to hot unsweetened almond milk. Bonus points if you want to add 1 tbsp of flaxseed meal to make it thicker, melt 2-3 squares of 90-100% dark chocolate to make it richer, or add 1 tbsp of chocolate tahini to make it sweeter.

For bulletproof golden milk, you can either use a golden milk blend or combine turmeric, ginger, black pepper + 1 tsp elderberry syrup with a 1:1 ratio of hot water to hot unsweetened almond milk. 

For iced bulletproof coffee, use 14 oz of cold brew. Combine all ingredients with 2 oz of hot water and blend. Then add the cold brew and blend again. Pour over ice. Add an extra espresso shot for more flavor.

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