basic chia pudding with superfood berry compote

it's practically summer here in Boston, but I guess the weather hasn't really caught up yet... it's been cloudy / cold / rainy off and on for the past couple of weeks, which calls for some cozy breakfasts.

this recipe uses a basic chia pudding as a base (I made mine with cashewgurt AKA Forager Project's drinkable non-dairy yogurt for an extra dose of probiotics), and adds a berry compote full of superfoods, antioxidants, and no added sugar, to cozy it up.

basic chia pudding with superfood berry compote

chia pudding with berry compote


(the specific brands / products I used are linked!)


  1. for the chia pudding: combine cashewgurt/kefir/nondairy milk and chia seeds. stir thoroughly so that there are no clumps. let sit for at least 8 hours. (note: you might have to adjust the ratio β€” make sure to check on it after a couple of hours to see).
  2. for the superfood berry compote: combine berries, frozen kale, and flaxseed meal. microwave for 1 minute 45 seconds. if you want a sweeter and thicker compote, add a banana before microwaving.
  3. stir in the powders (maca, mushroom, and collagen). add another tbsp of flaxseed meal if the compote is too liquid-y.
  4. pour on top of chia seed pudding, top with toppings, and enjoy!

I'd love to hear β€” what are your favorite chia seed pudding toppings / combos?

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