corepower yoga: not your typical yoga class

disclaimer: this post is not sponsored by CorePower Yoga, nor was I given any type of compensation for this. all opinions are my own.

I love trying new fitness classes. always have, always will. which is awesome, because CorePower has an introductory offer that gives you a free week when you first start. I'm a sucker for this type of thing, but it also came in clutch because I'm leaving for SE Asia on Monday.

anyway, you know I'm a huge fan of / regular at TITLE Boxing Club, but I wanted to try something different for bit while I was home for break. while in Boston, I did both boxing and yoga, and I'd done Bikram yoga while back in CA for spring break, but I'd never done yoga like this before.

CorePower Yoga is different because it's yoga in a heated climate, similar to Bikram, but it's Vinyasa yoga instead of going through the standard 26 Bikram poses. true to its name, it encompasses a good amount of core work as well, though in a yoga setting.

I started off with the CorePower 2 class with Jami at the Westlake Village location, which is usually not for beginners, but I thought, "hey, I've done yoga since I was 10 so I might as well go for it."

not a bad choice, really. I was familiar with most of the poses, but this class really helped push me to my limits. the combination of the heat with the more advanced poses got me sweating. like, a lot. and for the first time in awhile, my core was actually sore.

I also tried the CorePower 1.5 class yesterday because I woke up feeling absolutely blah. it's more geared towards beginners and has a lower level of heat than CP2. though I felt vaguely nauseous and had a slight headache going into it, it was the perfect cure for my blah feeling. it's basically CP2 but a little less intense.

today I did the CP2 class again, this time with Coco. it was much more crowded since it was a weekend, but that didn't disrupt my practice. Coco's an amazing teacher, and like one woman said, "she's intense and pushes you to your limit, but that's why she's great and I love her."

I literally sweat so my the pink dye was coming off my sports bra and onto my white towel. my hair was falling out of my braid and my face towel was also soaked. but I also managed to do poses I never thought I'd be able to, like birds of paradise.

it just serves as a reminder that your body can do anything you tell it to — you just have to believe. you can't say no; you have to try.

I walked out of that yoga class, as I do out of every yoga class, with gratitude in my heart and contentment in my soul.

will I be going back to sign up for an actual membership? honestly, when I first started, I didn't mean to return. but now? CorePower has 150+ locations throughout the country, and conveniently has one in Cambridge, right next to where I'll be interning full-time from July to December.

with a "Black Tag Membership" deal for only $89 the first month, I think I might have to give it a try. it sounds like the perfect post-work destressor or the perfect pre-work energizer. we'll just have to see how I'll balance it with boxing and training for a half marathon...