how to accept giving up when you've been training your hardest

how to accept giving up when you've been training your hardest

sometimes surprises get the best of you, and sometimes they're awesome.

in this case, a little bit of both.

in my last post, I was basically LOL-ing at my ability to run. sure, I ran 5 miles. and then 6. and hey, that's all good and well, but it was slow AF and I was left wondering how the heck I was going to run 13.1 miles in may.

somehow, after 7 miles, I was on fire. I found that my 3 hours block between classes on Wednesdays was perfect for long runs, and I began to look forward to that every week (weird, I know).

and somehow I accidentally skipped from 7 to 9 miles and it felt great. and before I knew it, I had run 10 miles on a gorgeous Boston morning at a pace of 8:22 per mile.

mapmyrun 10 mile run


yeah, my thoughts exactly. it was the first time I had run double digits, and I was so happily surprised. suddenly, my goal went from finishing the half to actually getting under 2 hours. it seemed feasible.

and then another surprise came my way. while visiting one of my best friends in SF, she asked me if I wanted to come to SE Asia with her this summer. which meant... missing my half.

I struggled a lot with this. I had trained for it. I had been looking forward to it. but, like some very wise people pointed out, I'd have so many more chances to do a half marathon. how many more chances to go to SE Asia was I going to get?

I love traveling and I love being pushed out of my comfort zone into the unknown, but the other thing I struggled with was the idea of being out of shape. I'm at the point where I can successfully hold a plank for 13 minutes, a squat for 8, I can do pushups without being on my knees and I can do pull ups... with some help. going away for a month scared me (still scares me) because I'm afraid that it'll just wipe away all that I've worked so hard for.

but I've really tried to put things into perspective. I can always get back in shape, and besides — I plan on doing a good amount of walking at the very least while in Asia.

running-wise? I think a little bit of pressure was taken off anyway by not having to do the half so soon. I've gone on 7 mile runs and though it was pretty slow, it reminded me why I love running.

besides, my boyfriend signed up for the Salem Wicked Half Marathon on 9/17 and encouraged me to sign up to. since running a half is still on my Passion Planner bucket list of things to do before 12/31 this year, I signed up.

I'll worry about how the heck I'm going to manage running in the Boston summers while on co-op and dealing with the crazy heat and humidity after I get back from Asia.

here's to spontaneity, to happy surprises, to understanding my worries and addressing them myself. 

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