what happens when you try and do too much

here's to week 2! to be perfectly honest, I'm a little stressed trying to plan out when to run / how much to run, especially planning around trips, weather, and trying to still go to as many boxing classes as possible. wish me luck bbs.

3/28: attempted to run. failed.

honestly, I probably should've known it was a bad idea to run the day after a long run. the running plan told me to take Mondays off, but I woke up at 6 AM and decided, hey, why not just go for a run?

so I did. I thought it was going to be awesome, but after 0.5 mile I lost my hair tie and my knee hurt so bad I was practically crying. 



so I held on until I made it to JUGOS, picked up my gift card (the pic below got me a free gift card from them!), and hobbled back, Googling "runner's knee" while I walked.

well, that puts a damper on things.

(for my article on JUGOS's $39 1-day juice cleanse, click here.)

4/29: good thing there's boxing

all I can say is good thing there's something else active I can do (and thoroughly enjoy doing) while I rest my knee. it's definitely not as low-impact as swimming is, but since I've retired from swimming, it's my workout of choice.

3/30: ran again. was ok.

I woke up early to study for my two tests (well, test and a quiz but a BioPsych quiz might as well be a test ugh). I've gotten way better at prioritizing things, as in I'm not so exercise-crazy as to try and go for a run when I really should be studying instead.

my compromise with myself was to go running in between classes. and that made for the most insanely productive break ever.

so I went on the slowest 4 mile run I've ever been on in my life. I mean, it was gorgeous outside and in any other circumstances, it would've been an awesome run. but I was SO TERRIFIED of my knee breaking down on me in the middle that I definitely held back. 

it didn't really hurt per se, but it still wasn't the greatest. all I can say is that I made it.

basically, it was a jog. and absent-minded/klutzy me tripped 3.8 miles in and got a chunk taken out of my hand, elbow, and knee. oops...

I did, however, make it to the 30 minute boxing class at 12:15 PM. it was the first time I've been to a "lunchtime power 1/2 hour," and I liked it in that I could up the intensity since it was a shorter time period.

2 workouts done before 1 PM? I'd call that a success.

3/31: got guilted into waking up early

title boxing

I fully did not plan on doing my usual personal training session at 6:30 AM this Thursday, mostly because I didn't want to wake up early. and I told my trainer so when he asked when we were training next. I then followed that up with, "and I just signed up for a half marathon."

mistake, since he just grinned and said, "well, we have work to do then. I'll see you at 6:30 AM Thursday."

good thing I have him to keep me accountable.

I went to bed obscenely early so 6:30 AM wasn't too bad at all. I was still scared of my knee hurting, so I asked to work on arms. we did some weights and some pushups, and my shoulders were sore AF afterward. but that's always good. 

sometimes, I think I'm addicted to soreness.

I continued my streak of PT + afternoon boxing — I had enough energy to go to the 4 PM class as well. I rewarded myself with buying another hour of PT and a Nike tank from the performance store.

4/1: triple workout + I held a plank for 10+ min guys

9:30 AM boxing workout — check.

1 PM facial — thank God for the time to relax.

4 PM run — check. wait what? yeah, I checked the weather forecast and saw that even though it was a whopping almost 70 degrees today, it was supposed to rain Saturday and snow Sunday. so I did my long run today.

yup. ran 6 miles. I felt accomplished because 1) my knee didn't hurt at all and 2) I made it. and 3) I definitely had more energy at the end than I probably should have. which is good because it means 7 miles won't be that bad. bad in that I probably should've gone faster on miles 1-5.

I changed into my 3rd workout outfit of the day after my 2nd shower of the day in preparation for the boxing club's 1 year anniversary part / midnight power hour.

I made this perfect post-run salad for dinner — it's 100% local (minus the organic purple sweet potatoes). smoked salmon from Whole Foods (local farmer) plus Russian kale, cage-free egg, and Daily Tonic all from the Boston Public Market make for an amazing salad.

dinner salad smoked salmon sweet potato egg

at the party, there was a plank contest to win a FitBit. not the biggest fan of FitBits, but honestly I'm super competitive so I was like "why the F not???"

12 minutes and a very much burning core later... didn't win the FitBit, but I now can proudly say I can hold a plank for over 10 minutes.

not really sure how I did it tbh. was it my friend Selena giving me a motivational speech? my trainer yelling in my ear? the people surrounding us last 3 contestants? no idea. I just know that the last couple of minutes, the seconds ticked by slower than I ever thought possible.

post-plank contest, a squat contest was announced. and I joined in. because hey, I noticed that most people during class def could not hold a squat for very long. 

this contest was very much shorter than the other one. surprising, really. 5 minutes in, it was just me and the other girl. I think both our butts were down lower than they really should be, but holla — I ended up winning. the prize? $50 to the club. hello new apparel.

the actual power hour was so fun — boxing in the dark with glowsticks is always a blast. I went back home exhausted and to be perfectly honest, ate a second dinner. yup, cooked myself a meal at 12 AM — made a massive plate of stir-fried Chinese rice cakes (炒年糕) with Napa cabbage, a local egg, scallions, tamari (gluten free substitute for soy sauce), and chili oil. honestly guys this is so easy and one of my favorite comfort meals to make — I'd put up a recipe if it the result didn't look butt-ugly.

I also chowed down on my leftover chia seed pudding from Mother Juice (after I dumped a bunch of roasted sunflower seeds and frozen raspberries on it) and had a mango. gotta refuel, ya know?

4/2: lotsa eating and walking + slow death

this day was 100% painful. gross and rainy and honestly felt like I was slowly dying. on the bright side, my cousin, who lives in San Diego, and her friend, who's a food blogger, came to visit. we went Render Coffee to chill (and have a soy capp) before heading to Coda for brunchI'll upload deets on a new (future) blog post!

it was still raining, but we walked all along Newbury. we ended up in Wired Puppy for a bit to hide from the rain and ended up going home after that, because we all needed a nap.

I took a glorious 2 hour nap before we met one of my cousin's friends for dinner at Barcelona Wine Bar, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. it was a good time. (more deets on these places in future posts as well!)

at the end of the day, I was still 100% tired, but it was a good rest day — we all had walked 8 miles.

4/3: patting myself on the back

after some of the deepest sleep I've had in awhile, we all woke up at 7:30 AM to snow. for once, Boston's weather forecast was accurate.

though come on — it's April. it really shouldn't be snowing. but I patted myself on the back for doing my long run on Friday and not having to worry about pushing it back to later in the week because of the snow.

I had a butt ton of homework to do, so I made sure my SoCal visitors were suitably dressed for the weather and stayed in to do my BioPsych notes. I felt the need to move around, so at 11 AM I went to boxing. 

the class was full of newbies. not a bad thing though — I always feel honored when the staff point me out as an example of someone to watch. I wasn't as sore as I thought I'd be, and it was a great class.

I was really feelin' an acai bowl, since it was randomly sunny outside, so I headed to Whole Foods afterward and bought the ingredients. bowl below — recipe to come!

so it seems like my knee is fine. I just need to not run on consecutive days, which makes me worry about whether I'll actually be ready for the half marathon, but it's better than being injured this early... right?