about me


hi friends! I'm Nancy; if you've found me via Instagram, you'll know me as @appraochingpaleo.

I was born & raised in CA; I moved to Boston for college four years ago. since graduating, I've stayed in Boston and am now currently working as a content marketing specialist for the B2B start-up Toast, which is a restaurant POS integrated system.

I've been eating Paleo-ish for about 2 years now, and am fully embracing the Paleo and fabulous life. I'm all about real foods and food as medicine; I've found that following a Paleo lifestyle has helped me recover from an eating disorder. as an ED survivor, I'm a huge mental health advocate and believe that we should speak about issues like that.

I'm a former competitive swimmer, current trainer / boxing instructor at the TITLE Boxing Clubs in Boston, yoga lover, and overall fitness enthusiast. since quitting swim, I've kept my competitive edge by completing the B.A.A Half Marathon, the Newport Oregon Marathon, a Tough Mudder, a Spartan Sprint, and the Boston Sharkfest Open Water Swim.

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Q: can I reuse your photos for my articles or social media?

A: all photos are mine unless otherwise credited. please email for permission to reuse any photos.

Q: can I contact you with questions about Paleo, fitness, or eating disorders?

A: of course! email me at nancylinchen@gmail.com.

Q: what if I want to collaborate with you?

A: visit my "work with me" page or my "be a contributor" page!